14 Reasons To Love And Visit Guatemala

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Does anybody have any suggestions on either of those destinations (Livingstone and Coban/Semuc Champey)? Or is Tikal so spectacular that it's better to spend the time going there rather than going to Livingston or Coban? We like journey , and wildlife , and the indigenous culture so that's why we thought Rio Dulce or Coban/Semuc Champey can be enjoyable. We're open to traveling by tour bus or renting a automobile for part or all of the trip. If we went to Livingston, I'm not sure the place we may safely depart the automotive in Puerto Barrios nonetheless.
Does anybody have recommendations for good ruins that aren't as far-off as Tikal? Personally, I need to benefit from the time I even have when I’m touring. I don’t go to new countries to easily lay on the beach or hang out in a city for the whole journey.
We plan to positively spend time in Antigua and Lake Atitlan. We also needed to go to Tikal however the flight is just too expensive for our budget, and we don't have time for the inexpensive however lengthy bus journey there and again. We're thinking about going to Livingston , or going to Coban/Lanquin area to go river rafting and to Semuc Champey. Both of those will take a while to get there and back, so we won't do both and nonetheless spend time in Antigua and Lake Atitlan.
During our time in El Salvador, we stayed in El Tunco seashore and signed up with Tunco Life tour company to hike the Santa Ana volcano for the day. My husband and I and three children (two teens and a pre-teen) are traveling to Guatemala in Spring 2011, and we're really struggling with the itinerary. We have 9 days and there are such a lot of cool locations to go to.
There are even some mini rapids that made it exciting and a bridge you possibly can jump off of! And in true Zephyr trend, beers were included for the float. Most folks that travel to El Salvador stay round one of the beach cities that are recognized for the unbelievable surf but a tour to the Santa Ana volcano may be organized from just about anyplace.
We determined we wanted two full days so we could do the tour in the future after which have a day enjoyable by the pool. We ended up utilizing our “free day” to do a half day tubing journey with our hostel. https://wheelerconrad226.shutterfly.com