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Have you ever wondered who were the parents of Lester Burnham? What shaped him, where he grew up? Why mature at the age of whatever hit him pardon, palm tree? Such a normal guy ... and if you question bothered this problem, you can finally know the answer. Here are his ancestors before you: you Wheelers, Frank and April. A blonde beauty and eternal boy at the optimum age of thirty. Yet lick tentacles of time. Two adorable children.
House in the suburbs. Mown lawn. TV in the living room. Nice, friendly neighbors. The car in the garage. Wonderful fifties. Normality. Marriage as a picture, the object of envy and desire less attractive friends. What is not surprising, if their bodies lent erstwhile heroes lovers of "Titanic" Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio? Wait a minute, you may not know who is Lester Burnham? I do not believe! Just in case, I remember that it is about the main character of "American Beauty." One of the most important films of the last decade, and especially film, after which about Sam Mendesie got really - and deservedly so - loudly. His action also takes place at the American suburbs in the realities of the middle class, but in the nineties of the twentieth century.
I was bitter, very bitter. "Revolutionary Road" also leaves no doubt. Already half a century ago under the guise of happiness title concealed boredom, habit, daily routine. In the worst case scenario: nienawiść.Widocznie frustration and some things do not change, and the generation really only follow each other, nothing is teaching. Conclusions extremely pessimistic, but probably true.
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The trouble is that they shall be adopted, not quite believing in them. Something "Way to Happiness" is missing to fully trust her, something is wrong. Wheelerów not only a way to like, but their dilemmas and tracks without much conviction.
The film is wordy and too blunt. In the worst sense of the word - leaves nothing domysłowi, no doubt, everything is dumped directly. Cries out for some air, ironically, one item that would not fit into the puzzle of film, even if it was to be the realization stumble. The thing is perfectly routed so that echoes artificiality, a specific type of (non) sincerity. Ironically !, a bit like the life of the main characters, it is more manifest than the original, engaging story. It does not change the final neither tragedy nor really scary, like a horror scene of a hearing aid ... A few words need to spend a sensational cast.
You might be wondering the drawing of individual characters, but it is played admirably.
From the first episodes of the plan after a few seconds, virtually all the creatives are in the memory. Great is even Kathy Bates in the role of the self-proclaimed mistress of the estate. Winslet has long been a class of its own, DiCaprio also from year to year is getting better. In this video game in the first row of the body, movement, and then his face, his voice.
And only Michael Shannon stirs some controversy appears for a few minutes and has a role in which it can charge. Sufficient enough to be nominated for an Oscar? .