Floating Chernobyl already produces energy in Chukotka The creation of such ships more

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Russia has been intensively explored the Arctic. For several years, there forms a white well-trained army, which will have the task to defend the sources of fossil fuels. The army needs energy, which will provide mobile nuclear reactors.
Rosatom build and launch a ship the world's first mobile, floating nuclear power plant, which has been christened the name of the Akademik Lomonosov. Nuclear Titanic set sail the first cruise in May 2018 year. Then he crossed the Baltic Sea, along the coast of Sweden, the Danish straits, the North Sea and along the coast of Norway. In August of this year he went on a trip to the Chukchi Autonomous District, where it will produce energy for the oil platforms and local communities.
Russia Today reports that the Akademik Lomonosov began providing energy for the local node Chaun-bilibino. Ultimately, energy production will move full steam ahead in 2020 for a town called pevek. The ship is 144 meters long and 30 meters wide, has a displacement of more than 20,000 tons and can operate for up to 40 years.
Floating Chernobyl, as is said about him, offers maximum electrical capacity of over 70 MW and consists of two KLT-40S reactors. Rosatom revealed that Titanic nuclear energy can power an electric city inhabited by up to 100 thousand people.
Elon Musk will build China's super-fast railway and underground tunnels Hyperloop Loop
This event is particularly interested in Greenpeace. Environmentalists are sounding the alarm that the Akademik Lomonosov is a threat to the entire world. They say even a floating Chernobyl. According to them, Russian invention can very quickly become a disaster, and the effects will be devastating for millions of people. Activists point out that the power plant does not have its own power, which is necessary in cruises on the seas and in the event of storms. They also feel that the object can be overturned by a small wave. Meanwhile, the Kremlin will ensure that the plant is resistant to even the tsunami waves.

The problem is that moving with great speed of tsunami waves are not dangerous to vessels on waters, because there are in the form of currents, only for people and objects on land, because then there is a damming and break into them very far inland. Let's just all hope, however, that there will be no disaster.
After the recent events of the explosion projectile 9М730 Buriewiestnik (SSC-X-9 Skyfall), equipped with nuclear propulsion, and contamination of a large area polygon Nyonoksa in the Arkhangelsk region, the whole world is watching the actions of the Russian government, and does not believe in any of his words assurances of full security .
Meanwhile, floating nuclear power plants have become common in Siberia. The Kremlin also intends to offer this type of unit of the friendly countries around the world. We can therefore expect that in the coming years such objects begin to appear in different corners of the planet, where energy infrastructure is not developed.