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In 15 years Dream Factory treated us with 5 productions about the adventures of Peter Parker, and each time earned on the coconuts. Nobody in their right mind not being slaughtered goose that lays the golden eggs so tandem Marvel & Sony treated us to reboot the series.

 The writers went to their senses and do not tire the viewer once again shabby introduction of a venomous spider, and the death of Uncle Ben. The prologue took place partly in the film "Captain America: The War heroes" where a few minutes of play scored a new arachnid. Quickly won the hearts of fans of the Marvel his awkwardness, humor and youthful optimism. This was followed by film director Jon Watts ( "clown" and "Cop Car"). A teenage Peter Parker (great Tom Holland) still tame with his alter ego, and help him in this is his mentor - himself Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). Spiderman uses his supernatural ability to fight criminals, but once nearly killed in a challenge with them. It saves him from the oppression of the Ironman, which prohibits the boy further excesses.

It is not difficult to guess that Parker does not listen to the founder ... Design Avengers "Spiderman: Homecoming" evokes youth comedies from a few decades.

Parker's actions or his buddy Ned pucułowatego repeatedly evoke a smile on his face. They are curious, ironic and extremely natural. Such as we age because it so easily win the hearts of viewers.

Of course, humor is not served top-flight, but what to expect from summer blockbusterze? It's not hamletyzowania.

It has to be slightly, nice and easy. Time for reflection will come with the release of the second part. At least I hope.

 As well, in this film that hardly any Hollywood pathos, and the whole is happening in the micro scale. Cliches about saving the world? Not this time. Even the villain Vulture (great, full-bodied Michael Keaton) seems mundane guy who justify their reasons quite reasonably. Rather, the addition are women.

Shortly we know Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) and the object sighs Peter - Liz (Laura Harrier). The action scenes falls to mention that there are as they should be but we will not survive in this respect nothing sensational. In addition, sometimes the final duel was simply unreadable.

Within czepialstwa add that the soundtrack seems to be just.

 The new edition of the adventures of Spider-man Marvel is the funniest movie since "Ant-Man". It guarantees a casual entertainment and has a distinct characters. And yet, something is missing in this film. Maybe it is that this film is a bit like chewing gum? Tasty, but ... one time? Other superhero movies back. For this no longer. 7/10 me strong, but I think that teens can safely raise the final note.