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Or for a person fall in love at first sight? If not, can the other? Well, it did not work out the second, and the third time? Maybe just to fall in love, you need a longer relationship.

The most likely is the last option, "is longer need knowledge of," the picture shows us love Rob Reiner in his film.

  arts www The main characters, Harry and Sally know by chance, as students, on the way from Chicago to New York.

Do not fall for a taste due to different views, especially in male-female relationships. 5 years later they meet again, on the plane, with similar results. For the third time to meet each other in the next 5 years in a bookstore. This time both of them are lonely, because it was not finished until the end of successful relationships. They start seeing each other and establish friendship between them.

Still, different views and give expression to at every opportunity.

In such a way that to a certain point, Harry was convinced that every woman with whom he had intercourse, led to orgasm. In one scene in the restaurant Sally slightly embarrassing way he proved that women can fake an orgasm. The whole scene looks ridiculous, and this is just one of several such situations. Despite many differences, they feel comfortable with you, they do not have to pretend to be someone else, because their relationship is not sexual in nature. But then it turns out that this is not an ordinary friendship between true love is born. The big plus of the image are no doubt very interesting characters.

Harry is a little eccentric man with a highly original views. He says, for example, that men and women can not be friends, because sooner or later, will give itself felt their sexuality. His theory takes in the head after the third meeting with Sally, then you will find that the friendship between representatives of different sexes is possible. Harry is a great figure, mainly due to the excellent creation Billy Crystal.

It is mainly thanks to him, Harry is who he is. And Sally? It is completely different, in addition, is a very demanding woman likes to have what he wants. When an order in a restaurant, describes exactly what he wants and how this will be done. Meg Ryan falls well in his role as Crystal. It is thanks to an extremely interesting views the movie is an original romantic comedy. Heroes instead of wondering how to take out a second bed, sometimes arguing, exchange theories interesting life. In the scenario, but you can attach to one thing. Harry and Sally felt great together and one was jealous of the other, but not immediately admitted that interested each other, it probably would not hurt them. Director with screenwriter ago should somehow remedy. It is a pity, however, that they did not.

 Despite the "When Harry Met Sally" is a really good romantic comedy, where you can have a laugh with intelligent dialogues. Screenwriter Nora Ephron has done a good job, for which she received an Oscar nomination. Sometimes I had the feeling I was watching Woody Allen productions.

The film is also well directed, the action is fast and there is no extended scenes and acting skills have been fully utilized. I am convinced that on him will not be disappointed, and the characters you probably accrue to your taste. .