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Just two or three years and film series "Saw" will be the subject of popular jokes. Chuck Norris will be able to finally go into retirement. However that did not fulminate against the film series, one must admit its ─ is a hen that lays the golden eggs, the producers are not so savagely slaughtered like Jigsaw their victims.
It proves this fourth version of macabre tales. Jigsaw died. What do the writers? They talk about his life before he became a sophisticated killer. Few are the original, but this is one of the most popular tricks to extend for the next chapter of the epic film.
Besides, someone has to take over after the death of the hero role in the cruellest engineer. Who? That we will learn surprising supposedly done, which essentially is a public zżynką the original. The same scenario, but try to be sophisticated and complicated, in fact, is secondary, predictable and worse devoid of any logic. The creators also failed to present a credible motives that guided John. As a result, we get another banal story about a man who kills a child after losing all around. Why? Answer raining, but it is totally unconvincing.
Screenwriter clearly afraid that, if put on the form of psychologism, he will have to give up more scenes of gore. And of course, the film is missing.
Cutting, slicing, peeling skin ─ entire set of torture that were shown with exaggerated attention to detail. These scenes from the present realization is great. Few, however, viewers will appreciate it.
I know from experience that people who have in itself any inherent sensitivity, the so-called mask the eyes. moments. "Saw IV" focuses on multithreading. It is a pity that the creators none of them developed in an interesting way. It is difficult to catch the viewer who is the main character. This procedure probably aimed at multiplying the number of potential suspects. As a result, the viewer, however, already in the middle of the session feels lost, and this feeling does not disappear until the very end. Against the background of the other parts, the film does not stand out with anything special. This is another story about a psychopath and his more elaborate traps. On the plus side, you can not only count stewardship nervous and irritating installation which was the domain especially the first two parts of the cycle. The rest is the same, a little longer "blunted saw."
Only regret turtles ...
How long will manufacture squeeze money out of the series? I put in four years. Everything has a beginning and an end.
Even the longest film series. .