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Counting cards in blackjack is a way to increase your chances of winning. If go over twenty-one ("bust"), you automatically lose. Once each player takes their turn, the dealer turns over the house card face down card. If has sixteen or less, the house must "hit" (take additional cards), until reaching seventeen or more. The dealer must stand on "soft" 17. A "soft 17" is a hand that contains at least one Ace and can be counted as either seventeen or seven. If the dealer "busts", the house must pay all the players playing in the game. Now that I have a streak going I'm debating on how long I'm going to try and keep it running. Even though I tend to be a bit of a stat geek and keeping streaks going plays into my personality I don't think I will keep the streak just to keep it. I do however find myself wanting to visit a casino every few weeks and so there is a good chance that I'll have this streak for a while for the simple reason that I enjoy being in a casino playing blackjack. The results of this panic are well-known. The majority of casinos cardinally changed the blackjack rules creating even a larger overbalance in comparison with the previous set of rules. These introductions were effective a few weeks only as the majority of casinos' clients simply refused to play a game with such bad rules. Subordinating to the law of supply and demand casinos had to quickly restore traditional rules for all. After this gamblers started immediately to play again, more than that in considerably larger quantities. High Stakes Blackjack is a NZ online casino game offering big profits, but it's only for those who can play smart. As well as giving you a great chance to win big, the game also features plenty of excitement. However, you do need access to a sizeable bankroll. As constantly, when I play at a Microgaming Viper Casino I attempted the 9 line video slot games. I played the Thunderstruck Slot and the Springtime Breather slot. Both these internet slots need a feature where one can easily win free spins, and on Thunderstruck your wins are actually tripled during the 15 complimentary spins one prevail each schedule you edge up 3 scatter rams on an active payline. I prevailed some and dropped some - and even though I let loose for a long time and my bankroll at one schedule went above $ 200, I left the slots behind by having $ 148 in casino credits.